Through some research and discussing options with Tricare, as of now we've learned that they will not cover Homebirth unless it is a CNM with American credentials. Tricare may cover other birthing facilites if there is an OB or MD on staff 24/7.

Payment up front will more than likely be required to go off base and they may not file for you, but should be reimbursed by Tricare on Standard . Please follow up with the representatives here on island or call your local Tricare area provider.

*The home birth midwife assisting Americans has retired and there is currently no one I am aware of doing this.*

Families can still choose to have a home birth and pay directly out of pocket without reimbursement. Average cost very well could be between $4-$5000 depending on the yen rate. If you are planning on going this route, do your research about the Japanese and what their birth practices are as they do differ than the way we do practice.

Tricare Information

Steps to going off base

I am very grateful to all the families who've ventured off base to deliver their babies and paved the way for those looking to birth locally. With this said, there has been a lot of time and effort put into creating these steps. I am thankful to be able to share these with you, however please be considerate when using this list and giving credit to these families and Oceanside HypnoBirthing.