Hensley's Birth Story

On Dec 2, 2018 at 4:30am I started having surges that were unfamiliar to me from the ones I was having over the last couple of weeks. I got up from the bed and decided to go to the bathroom to see if that change the pattern of the surges. I notice when standing that the surges seem to come more frequently and closer together. At that time I went to my knees, leaned over the chair, and started my HypnoBirthing visualization.

I changed positions a couple times and then decided to labor on the toilet, at this point I did not wake Archie (husband) to time the surges as I wanted to ensure this was real. I leaned back to be comfortable, began to visualize my birth and let my body know this is what it was created to do.

Still in denial about being in active labor I got up after being there for about 2hrs and walked around to see if the surges would come back to back as they were before. Sure enough they seem to be coming back to back so I went back to the toilet to labor for another 30 mins before waking Archie. Around 7:30 am I woke Archie to start timing surges and they were about 60 seconds long and 3 1/2 - 4 minutes apart.

We waited about 30 more mins before making a decision to go in.

We left around 8:22 am to head to the hospital which is about a 25 mins ride and the surges were pretty frequent and became more intense with the car ride.

We arrived at the hospital around 8:50 or 9:00 am and Archie attempted to drop me at the door of the hospital so he could park. I got out the vehicle and I felt pressure immediately along with a surge. I told Archie I would not make it upstairs to labor and delivery and I needed to get back in the car. I got back on my knees and I felt and overwhelming urge to push. I told him to go in and call someone down because she felt like she was coming. I undressed from the waist down and another surge came with the urge to push as the doctor and labor and delivery team showed up.

He checked me from the vehicle and said he felt her head and as the surge finished they would move me to a wheelchair. I got out the vehicle and stood up to get into wheel chair and felt a surge coming and could no longer resist the urge to push.

Her head emerged and then shoulders at 9:22 am. She was laid on my chest and was calm as they attempted to rub her to encourage her to cry. We then headed into the hospital to deliver the placenta.

This birth was everything I ever wanted and although I would’ve preferred not to give birth outside in the open but it still felt natural and I gave birth the way I desired to give birth.

Thank you Amanda for all your assistance and dedication to showing us how to listen to our bodies.

Archie & Dana 

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