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  Favor's Birth Story


Oh sweet baby – how will you come into the world to meet us?

I have always be so interested in parenting, and not so interested in birthing.  Birth is one day and parenting is years and years.  But, I am so very thankful for the birth I was able to have.  I sat at the OBGYN yesterday for my 6 week checkup and wanted to say to the all of the pregnant ladies “you know – you can have a wonderful birth” but I didn’t say anything – maybe next time I will.

I started to tackle my birth plan about a month out.  Living in Japan I knew my options were limited, a birth center etc. wasn’t really feasible with the amount of paperwork and translation necessary for citizenship, same with a home birth, so the hospital was about it.  But even with a hospital birth – I learned just how much control you can have if you are informed, turns out – knowing really is half the battle. 

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Pictures can tell a birth story just as much as a written one.

 Ezra's Birth Story

*Photos and video courtesy of Jessica Yankey Photography*