Mentorship for New Doulas


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  • 2008 Completed the DONA Training offered by Gerri Ryan in San Diego, California

  • May of 2010 Became a certified DONA doula CD(DONA)

  • October 2010 ReceivedPracticioner Certification in HypnoBirthing The Mongan Method, (HBCE)

  • 2010-2012 Volunteer of OSD *Operation Special Delivery*

  • July 2012 Advanced Doula Training Spinning Babies Workshop

  • July 2013-2016 Established and President of Japan Birth Resource Network

  • 2016 President and Co-Founder of the Military Birth Resource Network

  • September 2014 Hosted and participated in DONA Birth Doula Workshop taught by Linda Herrick ACBE.

  • 2016 MCB SD Butler Spouse of the Year Okinawa, Japan

  • February 2015 Founded & CoOwner of The Birth Education Center of Okinawa

  • 2016 Evidence Based Birth professional online program.

  • 2017 Established Military Birth Resource Network Camp Lejeune.

 I've had the honor and privilege of supporting over 160 families since my training. In those I have experience with twins, VBAC's, single mothers, stillbirth, cesareans, homebirth, birth center births and hospital both military and civilian. Including off base births in Okinawa.