About Amanda


Amanda Dodson HBCE, CD(DONA)


I recently relocated to Sneads Ferry, North Carolina after 6 years in Okinawa, Japan. It doesn't seem all that long ago we were wrapping up our first 7 years there and headed back to the states. We are happy to be settled as hopefully this will be our last duty station and we can retire. 

A little about me.

My oldest two were born here in Okinawa back in 2000 and 2003. My third was born in Texas in 2006. Returning to Okinawa with older children was a whole new journey. So many memories of living there and watching them become young adults has been very surreal because time simply goes by too quickly.

 How did I get into this whole birthy business?

 It unfortunately wasn't when I had my kids. Honestly, I didn't think about anything birth related. I just kind of went along with the "norm". I never explored options or educated myself. I just had my baby's and fortunately for me they went fairly smooth with no serious complications.

Two years after I had my 3rd, we'd been stationed in CA. I had a friend who'd taken the DONA doula training and it sparked my interest. This was a point in my life when the kids were getting older and I just wanted something for me. I found a DONA workshop close by and the rest is history.

Over the past several years God had really opened the doors of opportunity. Becoming a doula has changed my life. It's taught me that I can connect with families on a level not many get to experience. God has shown me how being a doula requires alot ofhumbleness, unselfishness and love. Helping parents create a space of peace and calm are just a few things I bring to a birth. I want to help you have a fulfilling birth no matter what turn a birth take. I've had to learn and grow through many experiences. Each birth I'm always being taught something new and how to better myself for future families looking for support.

Many wonderful things taking place with the birth movement and I am thrilled to be a part of it. I am honored to be invited to be a part of this life changing milestone. Whether it's teaching a class or being your doula. I want you to be able to go into your birthing with love, confidence, support and empowerment!

My Professional Experience, Certifications & Education

  • 2008 Completed the DONA Training offered by Gerri Ryan in San Diego, California
  • May of 2010 Became a certified DONA doula CD(DONA)
  • October 2010 ReceivedPracticioner Certification in HypnoBirthing The Mongan Method, (HBCE)
  • 2010-2012 Volunteer of OSD *Operation Special Delivery*
  • July 2012 Advanced Doula Training Spinning Babies Workshop
  • July 2013-2016 Established and President of Japan Birth Resource Network
  • 2016 President and Co-Founder of the Military Birth Resource Network
  • September 2014 Hosted and participated in DONA Birth Doula Workshop taught by Linda Herrick ACBE.
  • 2016 MCB SD Butler Spouse of the Year Okinawa, Japan
  • February 2015 Founded & CoOwner of The Birth Education Center of Okinawa
  • 2016 Evidence Based Birth professional online program. 
  • 2017 Established Military Birth Resource Network Camp Lejeune.

Currently I've had the honor and privilege of supporting over 130 families since my training. In those I have experience with twins, VBAC's, single mothers, loss, caesarians, homebirths, birth center births and hospital births both military and civilian. Including off base births in Okinawa.